BBM Enterprise

BBM® Enterprise allows employees to take advantage of the speed, reliability and privacy of BBM for faster communication, collaboration and decision making while providing security conscious organizations enhanced security over corporate data.

BBM Enterprise is the ideal business communication tool because it is mobile and immediate. Unlike enterprise IM tools that were originally designed for use on the desktop, BBM Enterprise offers a truly mobile experience, on the devices employees prefer.

Installation for BBM users on Android or iOS:

BBM users on Android or iOS devices should complete the following steps:

                                        1. Download the BBM Enterprise app from the Google Play Store or the App Store.
                                        2. Sign in to BBM Enterprise using your existing BlackBerry ID.

BBM users on BlackBerry 10:

BBM Enterprise for BB10 - Switching from Consumer to Enterprise video

BBM users on PC / Mac:

Get the latest BBM Enterprise Desktop software by clicking here and selecting your platform.

Important Changes to BBM Enterprise

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BBM Enterprise v1.2 Introducing MPOP

Implement & Educate - BBM Enterprise

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Admin Guide

To continue protecting your company's BBM chats with enhanced security and encryption, users in your company must switch to the BBM Enterprise app.


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Quick Start Guide

With BBM Enterprise, you can chat and share in real time with your coworkers, friends, and family. BBM Enterprise adds an extra layer of encryption between devices.


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Quick Start Guide - Admins

When an organization buys BBM Enterprise subscriptions, a designated administrator receives an email invitation to sign in as an administrator.


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BBM Enterprise Desktop Client

Read user guides for the BBM Enterprise Desktop client for Windows and macOS.


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BBM Enterprise Administration Guide for BlackBerry UEM

You can manage BBM Enterprise users and policies from the BlackBerry UEM or BlackBerry UEM Cloud management console.



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