BlackBerry Enterprise Service 10

The BlackBerry Enterprise Service 10 Hands on lab provides you with the ideal environment created and designed by BlackBerry for you to conduct self-paced learning. For a nominal fee you get access to a fully prepared training environment featuring an easy to follow, step-by-step training guide with procedures.

Guided topics include:

  • Local Installation
  • Cross platform app setup and management
  • Efficiently control devices, users and groups using policies and profiles
  • Customization of setting and configuration

For a full list of topics reference the BES10 syllabus.

Additional benefits include a complete functioning BES10 environment with unrestricted web access  in which you can test installations or any scenario without the cost of creating or maintaining your own test environment.

The BlackBerry Enterprise Service 10 Hands on Lab provides a full training environment for self-paced learning over a 20 hour continuous period. Additional time can be purchased  in session. Notification of lab readiness is sent in less than one hour from activation. This BlackBerry Enterprise Service 10 Hands on Lab is a fully contained, dedicated  environment. Real-world task based activities  form the basis for the best possible learning experience.

BES10 Hands on Lab - $100