Smartphone Security

Not All Smartphones Are Equally Secure

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Get Proven Security With BlackBerry

There are phones that say they are secure and then there are phones that live and breathe security. Phones with BlackBerry® software or apps don’t just tack on security, it’s built-in. BlackBerry is trusted by thousands of companies and governments around the world to securely enable business on mobile.

CSS Override

No device should be able to boot and load its OS without first determining with certainty that the OS is authentic and not somehow modified…Not all available chips powering current devices have the ability to enable security hardware assist and thereby secure booting to verify that the OS has not been tampered with.

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Securely Enable Business on Mobile

Only BlackBerry offers a comprehensive, mobile-native approach to security that addresses the entire enterprise, from endpoint to endpoint. Being BlackBerry Secure means integrated solutions informed by deep mobile security expertise and experience, continuous technical innovation, industry partnerships and academic collaborations, on-demand cybersecurity services, and a point of view that recognizes vulnerability wherever it lies.

Encryption and Certificates

  • FIPS Compliant Cryptographic Engine for Enterprise Apps provides your enterprise with secure military grade encryption for your work applications.
  • Wi-Fi Management lets you easily deploy and manage Wi-Fi or network profiles exclusive for users’ work applications. 
  • Password and Certificate Management with expanded certificate lookup and status verification, enables users and admins to better manage passwords and certificates for authentication.
  • Control Over Certificates in the Work Trusted Store.
  • The ability to configure Single Sign-on for Chrome in a managed profile.

Security Controls for Enterprise Admins

  • Enrollment Options let you manage your deployed BlackBerry devices via native administration policies, EAS policies (when using BlackBerry Hub), container solution, or Android enterprise activation types.
  • Enhanced Management Controls through inclusion of additional management capabilities for Android in the enterprise, give device administrators even greater control over their enterprise data.
  • VPN Support for several native and third-party VPN solutions for connecting to networks means that when VPN is used on multiuser devices, each user can route their network traffic through a VPN without affecting other users on the device.

BlackBerry Smartphones

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Security Whitepaper

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1. May not be available on all BlackBerry Smartphones