BlackBerry Radar Services

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BlackBerry Radar Services

The BlackBerry Radar services are designed to provide customers with a near real-time picture of their trailers, chassis and containers in operation. The intuitive user interface and graphical reports are designed to be used across an organization for not only near real-time operation and business management but also finance.

Radar Services User Interface
Radar Services User Interface Dashboard

The BlackBerry services are accessed through a secure web portal. The portal can be accessed via a web browser from anywhere in the world by as many people in your organization as you authorize for no extra fee.

BlackBerry Radar Dashboard

The BlackBerry Radar dashboard provides an easy and secure way to manage assets using a map driven user interface.

Radar devices report their complete status every 15 minutes, in the standard configuration. However, alarms and alerts are received instantaneously when triggered. You can be confident that what you see in the dashboard accurately reflects the status of your assets as they operate geographically.

The dashboard application allows you to:

  • Visually manage assets
  • Manage users and their access to the platform and data
    across your company and operations
  • Draw and manage geofences
  • Create alerts and alarm conditions to match business needs
  • Explore sensor readings and device trail and status history

BlackBerry Radar Reports

The BlackBerry Radar service includes elegant visualizations and interactive reports designed to deliver accurate answers when you need them.

Radar Reports User Interface


Because the platform collects data every 5 minutes and provides instantaneous alerts to events, you can generate powerful and accurate projections and summaries regarding the performance of your trailer fleets. You can remotely manage the devices and configure the devices for more granular data reporting.

The Radar service includes the following key reports:



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Automated Yard Check

Displays information on trailers located within customized geofences. Eliminates manual physical yard checks that are inaccurate. This reduces labor costs, wasted time and gives you global visibility to all your yards at the touch of a button.

Automated Yard Check User Interface

Fleet Utilization

You will now have defined key performance indicators to measure fleet performance. This allows you to action the necessary assets that are not moving in your own yards, optimize customer trailer pools and provide the right information for new trailer procurement or reducing rentals.

Fleet Utilization User Interface

Dwell & Detention

Helps your company rapidly identify non-moving assets in geofences. This will give you the ability to accurately bill customers for detention time or call the vendor/customer to release a trailer that is outside the allowable free time established in the agreement.

Dwell & Detention User Interface

Integrating the Radar Service

BlackBerry Radar is also designed to be easily integrated into other business and transportation management systems. BlackBerry Radar service data is available via Application Programming Interfaces (APIs) using common industry data formats.

The BlackBerry Radar service is very easy to implement, configure and manage. The service is hosted in a highly scalable secure infrastructure. The service and applications are accessed using compatible web browsers. No installation of additional software is required. Once set up, the administrator can enable as many people in their organization as desired to have access to Radar for no extra fee.