Manage and Secure Windows 10 and macOS

Unify Your Management of Windows 10 and macOS Devices With BlackBerry Software

A Modern Alternative to VDI

BlackBerry Access on Windows 10 and macOS devices is the modern, cost-effective, alternative to VPN and Virtual Desktop Infrastructure (VDI). It provides a secure browser for enabling and deploying secure HTML5 apps and accessing corporate intranets, email, calendar, and contacts.

BlackBerry Access gives users easy access to all corporate resources – without the need to deal with complex VPN procedures, certificates, or authentication. By entering a single password, users can access all their business content within minutes. With the ability to access not only intranets, but also other business resources—such as email and documents—users can always stay productive, no matter where they are. This is a crucial capability for remote workers or in the event of a VPN failure, whether they are using a laptop or a mobile device. BlackBerry Access also provides the first offline access in a secure browser for the building and deployment of rich HTML5 apps, so that core internal resources are always secure and available.

Unified Endpoint Management for Your Key Platforms

With BlackBerry® UEM, part of the BlackBerry® Enterprise Mobility Suite, you can securely manage devices operating on key platforms including Windows® and macOS, supporting all device ownership models.

It offers built-in security with the ability to enroll devices, authenticate users and configure devices with corporate resources. BlackBerry UEM allows you to securely manage all your Windows 10 and macOS devices while integrating with back-end systems. Employees have mobile access to the tools they need while your corporate data stays protected, everywhere it goes.

Windows 10

  • Secure productivity and communication with BlackBerry® Access for Windows 10
  • Manage secure file share and collaboration with BlackBerry® Workspaces for Windows 10
  • Configure and provision devices with Windows Information Protection
  • Choose from a broad set of device level policies for security and information sharing
  • Define password controls and encryption settings
  • Configure corporate email, Wi-Fi® and VPN profiles
  • Use a single set of MDM APIs to centralize management and security


  • Secure productivity and communication with BlackBerry Access for macOS
  • Manage secure file share and collaboration with BlackBerry Workspaces for macOS
  • Enjoy simplified enrollment of company and employee-owned macOS devices
  • Configure macOS devices to connect to work email, Wi-Fi, VPN and certificate profiles
  • Enable users to activate macOS devices for work, reducing IT overhead

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Secure Collaboration and Compliance

BlackBerry Workspaces enables users to safely access, share, sync, and collaborate on the most sensitive files using any mobile, Windows, or macOS device.

Using a simple application plug-in or secure browser app for Windows 10 or macOS, users can access a suite of secure productivity capabilities, such as document editing in Microsoft® Office native applications, file tracking, document permissions, and the ability to make comments in line using the common “@mention” feature. Similarly, using the Microsoft® Outlook® plug-in, BlackBerry Workspaces protects sensitive attachments – with no need to sign in to another program.

BlackBerry Workspaces now integrates with DocuSign – the most widely used electronic signature provider – to expedite workflows where a legally binding signature is required. Work smarter and optimize business processes with support for DocuSign and enforceable document read acknowledgement protocol for reporting and compliance purposes all from your mobile, Windows, or macOS device.