Secure Your Voice Conversations and Text Messages

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Part of BlackBerry® Secure, a comprehensive endpoint-to-endpoint approach to security, SecuSUITE® for Enterprise is a software-based solution that provides secure calling and text messaging on mobile devices to safeguard your organization’s sensitive conversations against electronic eavesdropping.

Communicate securely across phone networks and around the world, inside and outside your organization. With SecuSUITE® for Enterprise, your voice and data communications are BlackBerry Secure.

Trusted, Proven Technology

With SecuSUITE for Enterprise, technology that was designed to protect national security has been adapted and optimized to secure your organization’s communications against electronic eavesdropping and third-party attacks.

Securely Connect With More People

With some other solutions on the market, you’re limited to calling people on a single mobile phone carrier—the same one you’re on. That’s not the case with SecuSUITE for Enterprise. It’s hosted in the BlackBerry Infrastructure, which provides a direct connection to more than 600 carriers around the globe.

If your contact uses SecuSUITE for Enterprise, you can communicate with them securely. It’s that simple. It also delivers the same reliable performance over Wi-Fi®, so you can connect in all the ways you need to.

Get Trusted, Proven Encryption and Authentication

SecuSUITE for Enterprise retains the security lineage of government grade solution design, uses TLS, S/MIME & SRTP for authentication and strong end-to-end encryption, enabling worry free communication.

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Secure Communication Made Easy

Using SecuSUITE for Enterprise is intuitive, so you can focus on communicating, not on learning a new way to call or send text messages.

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On iOS and Android™ devices, open the app to make secure calls and exchange secure text messages. On BlackBerry® 10 devices, SecuSUITE for Enterprise is completely integrated, so you can make secure calls the same way you make everyday calls. 

Quick Connections and Crystal Clear Voice Quality

When you need to make an important call, it’s frustrating to have to wait to be connected. Worse still is poor audio quality that leaves you straining to hear and be heard. With SecuSUITE for Enterprise, your secured calls connect fast, with the crystal clear voice quality you need and expect.

Battery Friendly

Some calling apps take a heavy toll on your battery power, keeping components of your device actively engaged when they don’t need to be, which can also heat up your phone unnecessarily.

SecuSUITE for Enterprise is designed to prevent these usability issues. Its on-demand approach helps ensure you’ve got the power you need throughout the day, and helps your phone keep its cool, too. SecuSUITE for Enterprise encryption and authentication processes run safely in the background, without impacting your phone’s performance or usability.

Hard on Hackers, Easy on Your IT Team

SecuSUITE for Enterprise is not only intuitive for users, it’s also an easy-to-use solution for IT.

Simple to Deploy and Manage

SecuSUITE for Enterprise comes with a user-friendly, cloud-based admin portal where you can enroll or deactivate users and adjust settings. There’s nothing else to add, manage, maintain, or worry about.

Because it’s a cloud-based solution you have no software or hardware maintenance to be performed, which saves you time and money—and you’re always running the most current version.


SecuSUITE for Enterprise is MDM/EMM-agnostic—so you’ve got the flexibility to deploy it regardless of the MDM solution you’re running today or the one to which you may transition down the road.


SecuSUITE for Enterprise is designed to offer the security benefits of a behind-the-firewall, on-premise system—with the convenience of cloud deployment and a software-based solution.

With no servers or hardware to install, there’s no upfront capital expenditure and no unpredictable operating costs to wonder about. SecuSUITE for Enterprise is available at a low monthly cost per user and on an annual license basis.

End-to-End Encryption

SecuSUITE for Enterprise calls and text messages are encrypted end-to-end between the smartphones of the two communicating parties. The communication can only be decrypted inside the participating user devices and not in the BlackBerry Infrastructure.

  • Learn About Secure Calling Encryption

    Secure calling

    SecuSUITE for Enterprise voice encryption is based on an SDES/SRTP scheme that allows the exchange of session master keys within a SIP invitation handshake. The session master keys are established using the Elliptic curve Diffie-Hellman key exchange procedure. Key agreement takes place via a TLS-secured connection.

    Here's how it works:

    • The first time SecuSUITE for Enterprise connects to the BlackBerry Infrastructure, the client generates an encrypted keystore with unique keys. Access to that keystore requires a four-digit PIN that the end user chooses.
    • These unique keys are used to establish a joint secret session key between two calling parties. Each call gets its own secret session key which never leaves the device keystore, and is deleted after the call.
    • Elliptic curve encryption allows the use of short key lengths, resulting in faster key calculation and, ultimately, in almost instantaneous call set-up times.
    • Because the key exchange is happening between one endpoint and another, the BlackBerry Infrastructure can’t read or store session master keys.
    • After a call is set up via the SIP server and the session key has been established, the voice stream is encrypted with AES-128 and exchanged using SRTP. AES-128 was chosen specifically for this purpose as a NIST-standard (National Institute of Standards and Technology,) and is approved by NATO for the encryption of voice.


  • Learn About Secure Text Messaging Encryption

    Secure Text Messaging

    As with secure calls, SecuSUITE for Enterprise text messages can only be decrypted inside the participating devices.

    • Secure text messaging is protected by S/MIME encryption, using the Elliptic curve Diffie-Hellman procedure for key encryption.
    • The messages are transferred as standard SIP messages through the TLS-secured connection via the SIP server to the recipient.
    • In the case that a contact is temporarily unreachable, the server stores and later forwards the message to the recipient.

Get Started

SecuSUITE for Enterprise licenses may be purchased directly from BlackBerry.

SecuSUITE for Government

SecuSUITE® for Government is designed to meet the most stringent needs of governments and regulated industries around the world.

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1 BlackBerry 10 v10.3.2 and later is recommended; Android 4.3 and later; iOS 7, iOS 8, and iPhone 5 and later.