Complex Financial Implications of BYOD

Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) raises a number of challenges for every organization, spanning financial, legal, HR and compliance issues. With employees bringing more and more personal devices for use in work environments, the financial considerations can be complex. Data poses a unique challenge, because unlike voice calls, the data usage of a smartphone or tablet isn’t broken out in detail. 

Coming soon, BlackBerry will provide a wide range of services that help organizations draw a clear line between corporate and personal data usage: BlackBerry® WorkLife™ - Advanced Analytics and BlackBerry® WorkLife™ - Reimbursement. These offerings can be used on their own or together.

For carriers who would like to build on the BYOD trend and help enterprises ease a growing pain point, BlackBerry offers WorkLife by BlackBerry as a value-added service for their customers.

Avoid Overpaying BYOD Users for Corporate Data

Thanks to the BlackBerry® Dynamics platform, work data and apps are containerized and kept separate from personal apps and data. With that technology in place, you can go a step further and remove any confusion when it comes to billing and reimbursement.

BlackBerry WorkLife - Advanced Analytics

Monitor the cellular data usage of any BlackBerry, custom built and third-party applications developed with the BlackBerry Dynamics SDKv2.0 or higher, produce reports and shape usage policies, all without infringing on personal privacy or content.

With BlackBerry WorkLife - Advanced Analytics, you can see the exact cellular data usage over time by app, user, device or carrier graphically, with filters so you can quickly identify patterns or drill down into the details.

BlackBerry WorkLife - Reimbursement

Go a step further with BlackBerry WorkLife –Reimbursement, which automates the reimbursement process of an employee for work related data usage to cover the charges employees incur when they use approved business apps built with the BlackBerry Dynamics SDKv2.0 or higher on iOS® and Android™ devices.

Your organization can ensure it’s paying only for the data employees use for work, reducing or eliminating stipends and reimbursement programs while pre-empting HR, tax and compliance issues at the same time.

Reduce Mobility Costs and Increase Employee Productivity

With BlackBerry WorkLife - Reimbursement, employees can be fully productive while mobile, safe in the knowledge they won’t be billed for approved business use on their personal data plans. And your organization gains the confidence that mobility costs are under control with no surprise bills.

BlackBerry WorkLife - Reimbursement works across multiple carriers. This makes it easier to extend mobility to employees across your organization: you don’t have to worry about where their wireless contract is set up, the details of their plan, or the type of device they’re using.

Reduce or Eliminate Stipends

Because stipend payments are based on estimates, not actual usage, many organizations feel they’re over-compensating employees for BYOD.

With BlackBerry WorkLife - Reimbursement, you can reduce your mobility costs and/or stipends through the simplicity of automated reimbursement. Or, gain insights on usage through the BlackBerry WorkLife - Advanced Analytics service, which provides you with a detailed understanding of employees’ corporate data consumption so you can pay precisely for what you use, adjusting stipend policies or eliminate complex reimbursement programs.

Either way, you can enjoy the savings, or extend mobility to additional employees.

Address HR, Tax and Regulatory Issues

With BlackBerry WorkLife - Reimbursement, the line between business and personal usage is clearly drawn, so there’s no confusion about who’s responsible for which data charges. Combined with detailed usage reports—which can be configured for any time period, user or app—this clear separation can help address HR, tax and regulatory compliance issues with minimal effort, and provide valuable insights to both COPE and BYOD programs about how corporate data is used.

Build trust and transparency with your employees, while reducing liability for your organization.

It’s Easy to Get Started

With easy deployment and management, you can start saving on mobility costs right away. BlackBerry WorkLife - Reimbursement and BlackBerry WorkLife - Advanced Analytics are cloud-based, minimizing setup and streamlining deployments, so your organization can quickly benefit from secure mobile productivity while keeping an eye on the data budget.

Both solutions are an ideal way to further extend the power of your investment in the BlackBerry Enterprise Mobility Suite and save on mobility costs.