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The EU’s General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), set to be enforced in May 2018, will reshape the way organizations collect, use, and store Personally Identifiable information (PII) on their customers and their employees.

To fulfill the requirements of the GDPR, you can’t simply buy a piece of software or hire consulting services. Instead, you need a partner to help undergo an organizational transformation in the way your company manages PII.

BlackBerry® works with your organization to deliver quantifiable value through GDPR readiness, rather than making compliance the sole objective. In addition to improving data handling processes and business workflows to satisfy regulatory requirements, BlackBerry can help you convert the value from stored information into analytical and/or marketing insights and revenues.

Evaluate & Manage Privacy Risk With BlackBerry Cybersecurity Consulting

BlackBerry offers a series of services that take your organization through the practical, step-by-step process of understanding the PII in use by your company, how GDPR applies to your organization, and how to achieve a competitive readiness posture in support of your business. 

GDPR GAP Assessment Service

In the first step towards meeting GDPR requirements, BlackBerry® Cybersecurity Consulting evaluates the areas where your existing processes are compliant, identifies non-compliances, and makes recommendations for remediation.
Download the IDC GDPR Maturity Report

Data Asset Mapping

Once the gaps have been identified and the remediation plan is in place, your BlackBerry consultants will map the flow of PII through your organization’s network, so that controls can be strategically applied. This exercise ensures your organization understands what data is being processed, its value, and the potential risks it poses. 

Process and Technology Consultation and Remediation

To strengthen the processes around handling PII, organizations must establish and document rules and procedures that govern the lifecycle of this data. This can be achieved by aligning processes within an already existing framework, or working towards establishing the beginnings of an ISO 27001 structure.

Data Protection Officer Services

In accordance with Article 37 of the GDPR, organizations that fall within its scope must designate a Data Protection Officer (DPO). BlackBerry can provide your organization with DPO services should you lack the capacity, expertise, or business focus for an internal DPO. BlackBerry DPO services can provide immediate expertise (on-call and in-house) to guide you through GDPR requirements.

GDPR On-Boarding, Training and Awareness

BlackBerry training and awareness courses are tailored to your organization and employees, and can be delivered either on-premises or at one of our training facilities. Each course provides an overview of what GDPR is, how it impacts your organization and the activities of your employees, as well as how to recognize and handle a privacy-related incident.

Develop Strong Controls Over PII Using Purpose-Built Software

The single end-to-end consulting and software offering from BlackBerry means your IT team will only have one partner to deal with, rather than multiple vendors that could lead to a patchwork solution. With a full portfolio of complementary software, available in both on-premises and cloud-based options, you get a solution that’s aligned with your business objectives.

Visibility of All Endpoints Connecting to Data

Visibility of All Endpoints Connecting to Data


To comply with the GDPR, your organization must ensure full visibility of all endpoints connecting to PII. With BlackBerry® Unified Endpoint Manager (BlackBerry UEM), you can secure endpoints at the device, applications, and data layer via a single, integrated platform, supporting iOS, Android™, Windows® 10, and macOS devices.

Identity and Access Management (IAM)

Identity and Access Management (IAM)


BlackBerry IAM authenticates all network users, ensuring PII is protected. BlackBerry® 2FA lets IT departments provide two-factor authentication for secure access, thereby protecting key data that falls under GDPR. BlackBerry® Enterprise Identity allows single sign-on to services for quick access to secured apps.

Digital Rights Management (DRM)

Digital Rights Management (DRM)


BlackBerry® Workspaces offers a secure file synchronization and sharing service with DRM support across mobile devices, computers and any storage systems. It embeds security and tracking mechanisms at the file level so you can track how files are shared—key for GDPR—and modify or revoke access, even outside the firewall.
Read the BlackBerry Workspaces GDPR datasheet

Secure Collaboration Involving PII

Secure Collaboration Involving PII


BlackBerry® Work delivers deep data protection on email and collaboration. This multi-OS, all-in-one productivity app offers a seamless experience to multi-task between work apps while also providing a secure container that prevents data loss. Its next-generation containerization protects all business data on corporate-owned and BYOD devices.

Benefit From Deep Security Knowledge and Expertise

Given the leadership of BlackBerry in security and data protection, the BlackBerry Cybersecurity Consulting practice has been involved in industry consultations with the EU Justice Directorate-General over the GDPR since 2012. This involvement has given BlackBerry consultants a clear and deep understanding not only of the regulations, but of the reasons behind its articles.

BlackBerry continues to work closely with Data Protection Authorities across Europe to gain a practical understanding of what is expected of organizations.

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Explore how BlackBerry can help with your GDPR readiness. For at least three reasons, the time to act is now:

  1. GDPR fines can be up to €20M/$22M or four per cent of global annual turnover from the prior year.
  2. The potential for reputational impact due to lack of compliance is becoming more damaging.
  3. GDPR readiness is a critical benchmark for many of your customers, and preparation is essential.

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