Corporate Devices Your Users Will Actually Use

Deploying mobile devices entails a natural tension.  IT wants to maintain control, particularly on corporate-owned devices.  However, users hate to carry two devices and often try to bypass corporate controls to make their devices more useful.

BlackBerry Enterprise Mobility Management gives you the power to secure corporate devices while allowing users to use the same device for their own personal needs.  IT can protect Corporate Owned, Personally Enabled (COPE) devices at the device, app, data and content level without interfering with personal apps or infringing on user privacy.

Enforce Controls to Protect Corporate Data

A COPE program begins with evaluating your security posture and identifying the appropriate security controls for your organization.  These can include device-level MDM policies to control devices, app-level containerization to secure corporate data, and content-level DRM to protect business documents.  No matter the right set of controls for your organization, BlackBerry can help.  With the BlackBerry Enterprise Mobility Suite, organizations can:

  • Configure policies for different user groups, departments, locations or device types.
  • Simplify device provisioning and app management with enhanced user self-service capabilities.
  • Prevent data leakage by securing corporate information in device-independent secure containers.
  • Embed DRM protection into documents.

Keep Personal Apps Separate From Business Apps

A COPE device by definition sits in two worlds.  Users prefer if IT does not monitor or restrict their own personal usage.  Less obviously, IT and the business benefit from separating the personal and business domains.  Doing so reduces both hard IT costs and potential legal exposure.  With the BlackBerry solution for COPE devices, organizations can:

  • Fully separate business data from personal, preventing both data leakage and ambiguity about data ownership.
  • Selectively wipe business data from the device while leaving personal information untouched.
  • Direct business traffic back through the enterprise, while limiting network and data costs by keeping personal traffic outside the enterprise.
  • Enable users to use the apps of their choice without exposing the enterprise to risk.

Support Your Full Range of COPE Devices

While COPE policies are traditionally applied to smartphones, most users today expect every business device to be enabled for personal use. With BlackBerry EMM you can extend the COPE philosophy to all of your devices.

  • Deploy MDM policies and containerized apps to iOS, Android, BlackBerry and other mobile devices.
  • Manage your Windows and Mac OS® devices using the same console you use for other devices.
  • Securely deploy HTML5 apps to laptops, tablets and other devices using a modern alternative to legacy VDI.
  • Support new and emerging device types such as wearables.