Enterprise Instant Messaging, Mobile and Secure

BlackBerry® Connect (formerly known as Good Connect) extends your investments in enterprise instant messaging to mobile devices without compromising security. By integrating with common instant messaging solutions such as Microsoft® Lync®, Skype for Business (on premise), Cisco Jabber and IBM® Sametime®, it boosts communication and collaboration with secure instant messaging, corporate directory lookup and user presence, all from simple and modern interface on any device. BlackBerry Connect also works seamlessly with other key collaboration apps built on the BlackBerry® Dynamics Secure Mobility Platform to ensure a chat can be started from email, calendar, contact lists and more—while maintaining security. The result: faster collaboration.

Connect Instantly on the Go

Instantly connect to each other anytime, anywhere, with ease. With BlackBerry Connect you can access your global address list, find your contacts, and view real time presence information while on the go. Initiate a conversation with your colleague based on their presence status using the right method, whether it be instant message, phone call or email.

The integration of BlackBerry Connect with other collaboration applications enables you to start an instant message chat from email, calendar, contact lists and more for seamless communication. BlackBerry Connect also integrates chat history, so you can see past messages exchanged with colleagues. This keeps business workflows moving forward.

Ensure Secure Communications

Mobile communications shouldn’t put your investment in enterprise instant messaging security and compliance at risk.  With BlackBerry Connect you can protect your data with military-grade encryption. BlackBerry Connect is built using industry-leading containerization that protects corporate data consistently across a broad set of mobile devices and operating systems. Because of the unique NOC-based architecture of BlackBerry Dynamics, it maintains end-to-end security while eliminating the requirement for additional VPN licenses and exposures to servers in the DMZ. 

Maximize Your Existing Investment

BlackBerry Connect fully integrates with, and leverages, your existing enterprise instant messaging investment. With BlackBerry Connect you can easily extend existing corporate IM platforms like Microsoft Lync, Skype for Business (on premise), Cisco Jabber, and IBM Sametime. Because it builds on existing enterprise instant messaging investments, you can use your current compliance tools for mobile communications. BlackBerry Connect unifies communications across a wide range of devices and form factors without the need for expensive rip-and-replace of existing systems.