Powerful Communications for Your Apps and Web-Based Services

BBM® Enterprise SDK is the secure CPaaS (communications platform as a service) solution from BlackBerry. It’s a powerful, ready-made global IP-based communications platform that enables integration of enterprise-grade communication functionality directly into your AndroidTM, iOS and JavaScript web applications. Without the need for expensive back-end infrastructure and interfaces, BBM Enterprise SDK offers a lightweight, cloud-based solution that scales to your secure communication needs.

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Data/Location Sharing

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Transform the End User Experience

BBM Enterprise SDK offers integration of multi-level communications into your apps to address any business use case. It enables your organization to securely build powerful experiences for both your internal users and external users, such as clients or customers. Users can even access the apps from multiple devices simultaneously to speed up workflows.

Introduce innovative experiences for your users that go beyond basic chat:

  • Real-time Publish/Subscribe services
  • Peer-to-peer data streaming and presence services
  • Automated chat bots and routing services
  • And more

Explore More Use Cases

Industry Focus

BBM Enterprise SDK helps create powerful experiences for any vertical, including, but not limited to those that are highly regulated.


For regulated industries such as healthcare, government and financial services, BBM Enterprise SDK enables secure instant messaging functionality for staff and clients, from onsite hospital communications to secure inter-agency collaboration.

Digital and Media

For high-growth digital industries, from ride-sharing to entertainment to social media companies, BBM Enterprise SDK opens up a world of possibilities for keeping users connected with innovative, unique experiences.

Proven CPaaS Solution

With BBM Enterprise SDK, you can trust the proven BlackBerry foundation and reputation for secure communications. Because it uses its own IP-based BlackBerry NOC (network operations center), your organization gets high quality, reliable communications.

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Faster Time to Market

Seamlessly integrate the SDK into your apps and services with minimal development cycles. Focus on features and enhancements for your users rather than the back-end infrastructure.

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Greater Scalability

Scale your communications quickly and safeguard your apps against network outages. BBM Enterprise is built on the same infrastructure as BBM Consumer, which has scaled to 100 million users and billions of messages per day.

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Enhanced Security

Protect data with government-grade security. Messages are protected in transit and at rest with data level encryption, making the security stronger than traditional industry standards.

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Reduced Costs

Eliminate substantial upfront investments in infrastructure hardware and technology and save on ongoing network bandwidth. Control operational costs with an affordable subscription-based model.

Protect Your Communications

BlackBerry provides proprietary end-to-end security, protecting communications data at rest and in transit. With over 70 security certifications, it’s trusted by the most security-conscious governments and organizations worldwide to secure user data and protect user privacy with: 

  • Protection of customer information via digital signatures and key management
  • End-to-end FIPS 140-2 validated encryption
  • Access controls for guaranteed message integrity
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Learn about BBM Enterprise SDK Security