A Ready-Made Global IP-Based Communications Platform for Developers

With industry-leading security, proven infrastructure and rich communications features, BBM® Enterprise SDK is a complete development solution for ISVs to securely build enterprise-grade voice, video, and messaging functionality into high-performance applications.

BBM Enterprise SDK leverages the global BlackBerry communications infrastructure, designed to meet the most demanding enterprise requirements. ISVs can build rich interactive apps for their enterprise customers with an IP-based platform with proven scale and security.

Trust the Proven Enterprise-Grade BBM Architecture

With BBM Enterprise SDK, ISVs can trust in the proven BBM® foundation and reputation for secure communications. BBM has been securing real-time communications for customers for over 15 years, protecting more than 90 million users around the globe.

BBM Enterprise has significant cost advantages over SMS messaging, due to its IP-based service. SMS is costly since you pay a platform provider, an aggregator, and a carrier to deliver a message. And with SMS there’s no guarantee that your message is delivered. BBM Enterprise is an IP-based communication platform that is not only the most secure communications platform available – but also super simple, reliable, scalable and cost-efficient.

Accelerate App Development and Get to Any Global Market Faster

BBM Enterprise SDK simplifies and accelerates the development process for ISVs. Our partners leverage the powerful, secure BlackBerry communications network and let their developers focus on creating compelling features instead of building and managing infrastructure.


Increase Scalability and Ensure Optimal App Performance

BBM Enterprise SDK offers:

  • Seamless integration into applications
  • High performance at scale
  • High availability
  • Enterprise-grade reliability

BlackBerry’s IP-based infrastructure provides enhanced safeguards against system outages and unanticipated usage spikes that can compromise service, user experience and app adoption.


Enhance Security and Ensure End-to-End Protection of Communications

BBM Enterprise SDK delivers industry-leading BlackBerry mobile security. ISVs get end-to-end protection for voice, video, and messaging on Android™, iOS®, and—soon—other major platforms.

With this enterprise-grade security embedded in apps, ISVs gain access to security-conscious customers worldwide who already trust BlackBerry’s mobile security model.


Reduce Upfront Infrastructure Investments

BBM Enterprise SDK eliminates substantial upfront investments and speeds time to market. ISVs can control ongoing operational costs with a subscription-based model aligned to actual usage.

With an IP-based architecture, there is no need to engage directly with circuit-switched network operator technologies and incur the related costs.

Bring Secure Voice, Video, and Messaging to Your Apps

BBM Enterprise SDK offers seamless integration of multi-level communications into developer apps, high performance at scale, high availability and enterprise-grade reliability – all without having to deploy complex and costly infrastructure.

  • Focus on development, not back-end infrastructure.
  • Mitigate the risk of data leakage by delivering proven security at the platform level.
  • Create apps that offer a truly mobile real-time experience, without compromising security.
  • Leverage the only NOC-based global secure communications infrastructure to deliver apps offering optimal performance and service availability.
  • Reach any device around the world with IP-based communication technologies.

Reach Secure, Mobile Centric Organizations With Your Apps

BlackBerry enterprise-grade encryption is the gold standard in mobile security, trusted by the most security-conscious organizations worldwide to secure data and protect user privacy. When an organization adopts an app with BBM Enterprise SDK at the foundation, end users get the pedigree of usability and ease of use provided by BBM, along with industry-leading mobile security. With BBM Enterprise SDK, your data is BlackBerry Secure.

Unlike enterprise messaging tools that were originally designed for use on the desktop, BBM Enterprise SDK delivers apps that offer a mobile-native experience, built for immediacy. It supports both Android and iOS applications, with additional major platforms coming soon.

The BBM Enterprise SDK was a game-changer. The advantage was instantly apparent to our clients, and they are overjoyed with the solution. And the extensive documentation made it easy to use, and easy to integrate quickly and seamlessly.

Toby Clench

Managing Director, Tundra Core Studios Limited

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