100% Express

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“Thanks to the BlackBerry solution, traceability has gone from being a function of our work to being a competitive advantage for the company. The return on investment is new business”

Belisario Rodriguez
commercial director, 100% Express

Industry: Distribution/Transportation
Region: EMEA
Company Size: Medium
Solution: Mobile GPS tracking & logistics management


  • 100% Express specialises in transporting bank documents and uses electronic tracking tools to enable it to control each stage of the distribution process
  • Due to customer demand 100% Express needed to bring in additional solutions, with regards to real-time geo-location information
  • It had key requirements in terms of security, reliability and productivity and the solution needed to be able to withstand the demands of use in the field, and securely transmit real-time tracking data back to the company offices


  • BlackBerry® smartphones
  • GPS tracking
  • Application from Synox
  • Ruggedised case from Entermo


  • The BlackBerry® solution has not only helped enable 100% Express to meet its customers’ requirements, it has also helped the company win new business
  • 100% Express is better able to demonstrate its professionalism and the transparency of its computing processes
  • Real-time data transmission from the BlackBerry smartphones has also helped shift managers track drivers in real-time, improving productivity

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