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BlackBerry® Mini Stereo Speaker

BlackBerry® Mini Stereo Speaker

A uniquely wearable wireless speaker for music and handsfree calling.


BlackBerry® Leather Flip Shell

Extend battery life with the durable, lightweight BlackBerry® Leather Flip Shell made from hand-crafted, genuine leather. With LED message indicator window so notifications are always visible.


BlackBerry® WS-430 Premium Multimedia Stereo Headset

Expect exceptionally clear sound quality and customised comfort from the BlackBerry® Premium Multimedia Stereo Headset. Intuitive three-button control and voice activation are designed to make calling or enjoying multimedia easier than ever.

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* You can now buy an unlocked device direct from ShopBlackBerry. This means you buy it outright, without being locked in to a particular plan/contract. Most plan/contract and pay-as-you-go SIMs will work in unlocked devices.