Authenticate Apps in the BlackBerry Ecosystem

BlackBerry is enabling a new breed of Trusted Authenticators. The BlackBerry® Dynamics Secure Mobility Platform provides a rich set of APIs that allow select developers to introduce apps or hardware to authenticate other apps in the BlackBerry ecosystem. These Trusted Authenticators are able to leverage many innovative authentication methods such as SSO and two-factor/OTP, smart cards, biometric authentication, etc.

First Line of User Experience

Authentication is the first line of user experience, so it is a critical part of user satisfaction. The BlackBerry Dynamics Trusted Authentication Framework lets IT provide a superior user experience because it allows easy integration of new and innovative authentication methods as they emerge.

Aligns Authentication Methods With Team Requirements

Different parts of an organization may require different types or depth of authentication. One team may need sophisticated multifactor, while another may be fine with a simple password. The BlackBerry Dynamics Trusted Authentication Framework gives IT choices and the control to pinpoint authentication solutions to specific team requirements.

Innovative Authentication, No Backend Changes

With BlackBerry Dynamics Trusted Authentication Framework, IT can introduce new authentication methods tomorrow, and benefit from cost savings today by leveraging existing two-factor authentication infrastructures and potentially reducing the costs associated with hard tokens. The Trusted Authentication Framework opens the door to enhanced, innovative authentication methods, while increasing flexibility and reducing costs.

New Authentication Methods, No New Code

The Trusted Authentication Framework is made possible by the unique secure inter-app communication capabilities offered by the BlackBerry Dynamics platform. Your chosen Trusted Authenticator works right out of the box with all of your BlackBerry-secured apps, requiring no code creation or modification. Organizations that have licensed BlackBerry Dynamics can even leverage the Trusted Authentication Framework to build their own custom authentication methods in-house.

Smart Card Authentication

  • Support smart cards (I.e. CAC, PIV) and a variety of smart card readers in conjunction with your BlackBerry-secured apps
  • Enable compliance with various regulatory requirements around strong authentication such as DoD Directive 8100.2 and HSPD-12
  • Provide smart card backed authentication, non repudiation, and message integrity for your email