Your Email Attachments Can Travel Everywhere. So Should Your Security.

Email is still the most commonly used platform for sharing documents. But emailing files outside your security perimeter is inherently insecure. Once a file is delivered by email, the recipient is free to do anything they wish with that file: save it for offline access, forward it to unauthorized users outside the organization, or post it anonymously to the internet.

Email Protector can systematically secure email attachments across your entire organization with file-level Digital Rights Management (DRM) to provide businesses with a means of automatically controlling and securing files sent by email, even after they leave the firewall.

Automatically Protect Files Sent by Email

Email Protector is configured by IT to automatically apply DRM protection to email attachments sent through your organization’s email gateway based on controllable policies such as recipient or file type. Email Protector places attached files into an IT-controlled BlackBerry Workspaces repository (included in this standalone solution) and replaces the file with a download link in the original email.

Unmatched Security With a Seamless User Experience

The email sender is not required to change their normal routine. They simply attach files to their emails and send them the same way they always have. And the recipient’s experience is seamless as well. Recipients are automatically provisioned with the appropriate access to download the file from the link embedded in the email.

Enforce DLP Security Policies With Email Protector

Data Loss Prevention (DLP) systems are good at screening email and identifying which emails may present a security threat. The problem is that once you know that an email may pose a risk of data loss, what do you do about it? Email Protector integrates with existing DLP solutions and allows you to enforce file-level security based on your existing DLP security policies.

If your DLP system identifies an email with sensitive business information, Email Protector will embed DRM security policies into the attachment before it leaves your firewall. The level of DRM protection is configurable and can be as open or as protected as you require in order to correspond to the DLP risk profile.

For instance, if an employee sends an email attachment with credit card numbers, unreleased product designs or to a vendor considered high-risk, the DLP system recognizes this and can instruct Email Protector to automatically enforce view-only permissions to the document and apply a dynamic watermark with the recipient's email and IP address.

In this configuration, the DLP server provides scanning and automated business rules and Email Protector provides the enforcement mechanism for those policies. This allows businesses to leverage existing DLP investments while adding file-level DRM security to their existing infrastructure.

Custom DRM Policies to Suit Your Case

BlackBerry Email Protector allows businesses to set and automatically enforce email attachment protection policies across their entire organization. Administrators can protect or exempt specific file types, users or entire domains.

Customize the level of protection a file receives: full file access, rights managed downloads, or view online only. Administrators can:

  • Control a file recipient's capabilities such as access, view, edit, copy, print, download and forward
  • Set an expiration date or revoke file access at any time – even after the document has been downloaded or shared
  • Set up customized watermarks to deter screenshots and include details such as the recipient’s email or IP address
  • Further deter against screen capturing with the Spotlight feature in the online viewer, which blurs the screen except where the mouse pointer is hovering

How to Get It

Email Protector can be purchased separately from, or in addition to BlackBerry Workspaces licenses, starting at $3.00/user/month (USD).