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Application Process

Want to work for BlackBerry? Here's what to expect!


Step 1: Online application

To apply for a position at BlackBerry, fill out the online application form. This will provide us with details of your relevant skills and experience.

As part of the online application process, you will also be asked to attach a copy of your resume. It is important to complete this application correctly to ensure it can be submitted successfully.

Once your application and resume have been submitted, they will be reviewed by a BlackBerry recruiter and depending on your skills and experience, you may be contacted for an interview.


Step 2: Interview with a recruiter

BlackBerry is a global organization and we recruit from most countries in the world, so many of our first interviews with applicants are by phone. Should you require accommodation for the first or any subsequent interviews, please provide your request to the BlackBerry recruiter, who’ll ensure your accommodation needs are met.

This first conversation with a BlackBerry recruiter will determine your suitability and availability for employment at BlackBerry. Other details such as your eligibility to work in the selected country will also be discussed. It will also give you an opportunity to ask questions. Your application and initial interview results are then submitted to the hiring manager for review.


Step 3: Interview with hiring manager/team members

The interview format with hiring managers can vary. You may be asked to participate in one or more behavioral-based interviews with the hiring manager and a team member. This interview is normally conducted in person. On occasion, this stage of the interview process is conducted over the phone.

Should you require accommodation for your interview with the hiring manager, please provide your request to the BlackBerry recruiter, who’ll ensure your accommodation needs are met. This interview is a great opportunity for you to better understand the position you’re applying for, and hear firsthand what it’s like to work at BlackBerry.


Step 4: Offer of employment

If you’ve been identified as the successful candidate for the position, you’ll be given a conditional offer of employment.

Your offer may first be presented to you verbally over the phone to ensure you accept the terms and conditions of the offer.

You’ll then be sent an offer package that will provide more details of the total rewards offering. You will then be sent an email directing you to an online application form where you’ll provide the information required to complete background screening.


Step 5: Background screening

All offers of employment from BlackBerry are conditional upon successful completion of background screening, which is currently being conducted for all external hires globally.

After you have received your conditional offer of employment, the recruitment team will request your permission to initiate background screening. We’ll ask your consent to share your name, home address, home telephone number and personal email address with our background screening partner so they can contact you and commence the background screening process.

We strongly recommend that you don’t resign from your current position until you’ve been given confirmation by BlackBerry that the background screening process has been successfully completed.


Step 6: Onboarding

BlackBerry provides all new employees with an orientation session on their first day of employment.

Attending orientation will ensure you have the information you need to be successful when you first start. This session will also help you meet other people new to BlackBerry.

You’ll be provided more details on orientation once you’ve sent back your accepted offer.