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BlackBerry Jam Asia

Join us in Hong Kong for BlackBerry® Jam Asia to learn about the future of BlackBerry and to get the most in depth content on developing mobile applications for the game-changing BlackBerry® 10 platform.

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Did you know BlackBerry is an open platform that provides a variety of development languages and runtimes designed to fit your skills?

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BlackBerry Academic Program

Integrate BlackBerry® solutions into your curriculum with the BlackBerry Academic Program. As a member of the BlackBerry Academic Program, your institution will have access to educational resources to help enable your students to develop applications, manage BlackBerry devices and software, and learn more about BlackBerry technology.

Academic spotlight stories

Learn how other academics have integrated BlackBerry Academic Program resources into their curriculum.


Whether you're a student looking for resources for self study or a faculty member looking to integrate BlackBerry technology into your classroom, enroll in the BlackBerry Academic Program to gain immediate access to the latest content and resources available. Your institution may also be eligible for free BlackBerry devices to use in your classroom.

What's new

The BlackBerry Academic Program team and the University of Ontario Institute of Technology partnered to coordinate a 2-day Faculty Summit on Mobile Computing that included presentations from academic guest speakers and BlackBerry experts.

Get hands-on experience with HTML5 at the Centre for Mobile Education and Research (University of Guelph).

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Upcoming events

  • September 26-27: Hong Kong