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from one home team
to another, you do
the north proud.

Great teams are powered by BlackBerry.

Whether you’re on the court or in the business world, speed, agility and collaboration are necessary to win.
That’s why the Maple Leaf Sports & Entertainment team relies on BlackBerry.

“The fact that I can go all day on this phone is incredibly important to me. It’s absolutely mission-critical.”

DAVE HOPKINSON, CCO, Maple Leaf Sports & Entertainment, presides over the sales, ticketing and marketing of all four of the company's teams and venues, making it one of the largest and most diverse sports entertainment portfolios in the industry.

BlackBerry 10 devices

“In the pursuit of any
championship, your team
must move and act as one.

TIMOTHY J. LEIWEKE, President and CEO Maple Leaf Sports
& Entertainment, understands what it takes to win. He and his team collaborate at a championship level with BlackBerry.

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The Best Mobile Security. Period.

Protect your workers’ productivity with a rock-solid mobile strategy that goes beyond simple BYOD.
Maple Leaf Sports is among the world’s leading businesses and organizations that turn to BlackBerry’s
market-leading Enterprise Mobility Management platform, BES10.

“Managing security at Maple Leaf Sports is a must. So having a device that allows you to encrypt your data from point of origin to point of delivery is very important.”

SASHA PURIC, VP of Technology, Maple Leaf Sports & Entertainment, oversees the research, implementation and operations of the company’s technological strategies, enabling a mobile workforce to perform at their best and to deliver the best sports and entertainment experience for fans.

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